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Welcome to Bridges Academy

Our Christian Community is Here to Help you Grow.

Come explore our ever-growing library of content. Whether you are interested in supporting our community or growing as a bridge leader, we can help you in your journey.

What Other Leaders Are Saying About Bridges

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Norm Gordon

“Bridges has given me the framework and methodology to disciple people outside of the institution of the church. That has been life-transforming. It has given me the how-to process on what I have needed to do for a long time. It has also provided the resources to do it, particularly coaching and the accounting system.”

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Donna Landon

“Bridges helps encourage my outreach and discipleship efforts and vision as well as offering guidance, connection with others, opportunities for growth, and connecting more deeply with the Holy Spirit and scripture.”

The Big Picture

Find out the humble beginnings of Bridges, our way of building churches outside the four walls of a Church, and our progress with our annual reports.

How Bridges Trains Leaders

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The 12 Steps of The Bridging Path

Click here to learn how to form deep relationships that are real. It’s what Jesus did to gain deep understanding and be embraced in a group.

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Discern Your Who

Gain insight with special recorded training done at the Geneva Church in Laguna Woods, California.

The Learning Series

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Missiology for Today’s Church

Learn about Missiology and the trends in the 21st century.


What Makes a Church a Church

Learn about Missiology and the trends in the 21st century.

Get Inspired

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See the many ways Bridges inspires our member in their faith and in their actions.

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Sermons and Teachings

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